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Companionway Ladders

BILCO Companionway Ladders provide permanent, secure access to a roof hatch and are suitable for situations where the rise is less than 3 metres. The Companionway Ladder is available in a range of sizes to suit most site locations and conditions.

Our Companionway Ladders are available in Aluminium or Galvanised Mild Steel construction and are fully compliant with the recommendations of BS EN ISO 14122-03 2001 + A1 2010, BS 4211-2005+A12008 and BS 5395 Part 3.

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Type BL Companionway Ladder

Features / Benefits

Available in standard or bespoke sizes to satisfy many access requirements or installations.


BL-COMPA-1 height: up to 1.5m / approx. weight: up to 32kg

BL-COMPA-2 height: 1.5-2.0m / approx. weight: 32-37kg

BL-COMPA-3 height: 2.1-2.5m / approx. weight: 37-41kg

BL-COMPA-4 height: 2.5-3.0m / approx. weight: 41-46kg

BL-COMPA-S Manufactured to special size on request


BL-COMPS-1 height: <1.5m / approx. weight: < 88kg

BL-COMPS-2 height: > 1.5-2m / approx. weight: 88-101kg

BL-COMPS-3 height: > 2-2.5m / approx. weight: 101-114kg

BL-COMPS-4 height: > 2.5-3m / approx. weight: 114-128kg

BL-COMPS-S Manufactured to special size on request

Performance Standards Type BL Companionway Ladder

COMPLIANCE BS EN ISO 14122-03 2001 + A1 2010 (Stairs, Stepladders and Guardrails)
BS 4211-2005+A12008 (Permanently Fixed Ladders)
BS 5395: Part 3 (Steps, Ladders and Walkways)

Guide Specification Type BL Companionway Ladder

LADDERAluminium: Punched Aluminium treads / Steel: Punched Galvanised Mild Steel treads
STAND OFF BRACKETS50mm x 10mm alloy rectangular bar
FIXINGSStainless Steel Grade A4
LADDER WIDTH600mm (Tread width 500mm)
FINISHAluminium: All Alloy Mill Finish / Steel: Galvanised Mild Steel
LADDER ANGLE75 degrees (nom)

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