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Companionway Ladders

BILCO Companionway Ladders provide permanent, secure access to a roof hatch and are suitable for situations where the rise is less than 3 metres. The Companionway Ladder is available in a range of sizes to suit most site locations and conditions.

Our Companionway Ladders are available in Aluminium construction and are fully compliant with the recommendations of BS EN ISO 14122-03 2001 + A1 2010, BS 4211-2005+A12008 and BS 5395 Part 3.

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Type BL Companionway Ladder

Features / Benefits

Available in standard or bespoke sizes to satisfy many access requirements or installations.


BL-COMPA-1 height: up to 1.5m / approx. weight: up to 32kg

BL-COMPA-2 height: 1.5-2.0m / approx. weight: 32-37kg

BL-COMPA-3 height: 2.1-2.5m / approx. weight: 37-41kg

BL-COMPA-4 height: 2.5-3.0m / approx. weight: 41-46kg

BL-COMPA-S Manufactured to special size on request

Performance Standards Type BL Companionway Ladder

COMPLIANCE BS EN ISO 14122-03 2001 + A1 2010 (Stairs, Stepladders and Guardrails)
BS 4211-2005+A12008 (Permanently Fixed Ladders)
BS 5395: Part 3 (Steps, Ladders and Walkways)

Guide Specification Type BL Companionway Ladder

LADDERAluminium: Punched Aluminium treads
STAND OFF BRACKETS50mm x 10mm alloy rectangular bar
LADDER WIDTH600mm (Tread width 500mm)
FINISHAluminium: All Alloy Mill Finish
LADDER ANGLE75 degrees (nom)

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