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H20 reinforced Floor Door with drainage channel - Type J-AL H20/JD-AL H20 Product Image
Drainage Floor Access Doors
TYPE J-AL/JD-AL H-20 Floor Access Doors with Drainage

J-AL/JD-AL Floor Access Doors are constructed with a channel frame and are suitable for use in exterior or other applications where there is concern of water or other liquids entering the access opening. Our H-20 Floor Access Doors are reinforced for AASHTO H-20 wheel loading for use in off-street locations where they are not subjected to high density traffic.

Available in a number of standard single leaf (TYPE J-AL H-20) and double leaf (TYPE JD-AL H-20) sizes. Special sizes can be specified for bespoke access requirements.

TYPE J-AL H-20 / JD-AL H-20

Features / Benefits

Suitable for AASHTO H-20 wheel loading.

Single and double leaf floor doors with channel drainage - suitable for exterior applications.

Engineered with lift assistance for smooth, easy one-hand door operation, regardless of size.

Automatic hold-open arm locks the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress.

Constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to provide many years of trouble-free, dependable service.

Heavy-duty construction and positive latching mechanism help to prevent unauthorized access.

Standard Stainless Steel Type 316 hardware

Available in a number of standard and special sizes to satisfy many requirements.

5 year warranty

H-20 LOADING - STANDARD SIZES (clear opening)

TYPE J-AL H-20 (single leaf) 

J-1AL H-20 610x610mm / Overall size: 762x864mm / weight: 55kg

J-2AL H-20 760x760mm / Overall size: 912x1014mm / weight: 64kg

J-3AL H-20 915x760mm / Overall size: 1067x1014mm / weight: 81kg

J-4AL H-20 915x915mm / Overall size: 1067x1169mm / weight: 87kg

J-5AL H-20 1065x1065mm / Overall size: 1217x1319mm / weight: 111kg

TYPE JD-AL H-20 (double leaf)

JD-1AL H-20 1220x760mm / Overall size: 1372x1014mm / weight: 91kg

JD-2AL H-20 1220x1220mm / Overall size: 1372x1474mm / weight: 132kg

JD-3AL H-20 1220x1830mm / Overall size: 1372x2084mm / weight: 226kg

JD-4AL H-20 1525x1525mm / Overall size: 1677x1779mm / weight: 207kg

Performance Standards TYPE J-AL H-20 / JD-AL H-20

LOADING AASHTO H-20 wheel loading
WARRANTY 5 years
PATENTS U.S. Patents 6,041,553 & 6,260,305

Guide Specification TYPE J-AL H-20 / JD-AL H-20

MATERIAL1/4" (6mm) Aluminium cover and extruded Aluminium frame
COVERDiamond pattern tread plate reinforced for AASHTO H-20 wheel loading.
FRAMEExtruded Aluminium channel frame with bend down anchor tabs around the perimeter. A 1-1/2" (38mm) drain coupling is welded under the frame for a pipe connection to a dry well or disposal system.
HINGESHeavy-duty Stainless Steel Type 316 hinges with 1/4" (6mm) Stainless Steel Type 316 hinge pins
LATCHStainless Steel Type 316 slam lock with fixed interior handle and removable exterior turn/lift handle. Latch release is protected by a flush, gasketed, removable screw plug.
LIFT ASSISTANCECompression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes. Automatic hold-open arm with release handle automatically locks cover(s) in the open position.
FINISHMill finish Aluminium with a bituminous coating applied to the exterior of the frame
HARDWAREStainless Steel Type 316 throughout

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