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Image showcasing BL-ZBOX Backboard in situ
BL-ZBOX Backboard

The BL-ZBOX Backboard provides the essential steps and safety holds required between the top of the BL-ZBOX Retractable Ladder and the top of the structural opening (or top of roof hatch if fitted).

BL-ZBOX Backboard

Features / Benefits

Backboard comprises a white multiplex board (plywood) reinforced with Steel uprights.

Fitted with adjustable steps (quantity of steps depends on height of Backboard).

Fitted with 2x grab rails.

Note: When ordered with a BL-Z, the Backboard will be delivered fitted to the ladder.

Standard Sizes

BL-ZBOX-BB1 height: 1000mm / width: 650-1200mm / no. of treads: 2

BL-ZBOX-BB2 height: 1001-1250mm / width: 650-1200mm / no. of treads: 3

BL-ZBOX-BB3 height: 1251-1500mm / width: 650-1200mm / no. of treads: 4

BL-ZBOX-BB4 height: 1501-2000mm / width: 650-1200mm / no. of treads: 5

Performance Standards BL-ZBOX Backboard

SUITABILITY For use with BL-ZBOX Retractable Ladder with trapdoor

Guide Specification BL-ZBOX Backboard

BACKBOARDWhite multiplex board (plywood)
REINFORCEMENTSteel uprights as required
STEPSAluminium - No. of steps dependent on height of Backboard

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