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Skylight Smoke Vent Hatch Type SKY-1M Product Image
Smoke Vent
SKY-Flatglass-1MF Smoke Vent 1000x1500mm

The BILCO SKY Flatglass sliding Smoke Vent features an innovative sliding cover that provides a stylish, functional approach to natural smoke ventilation. The design provides combined natural daylight and automatic smoke and heat vent protection. The unit can be used as a smoke ventilator, a roof access hatch with a fixed ladder and a rooflight providing three solutions in one. Special sizes can be specified.

The standard sized SKY-FLATGLASS-1MF 1000 x 1500 mm is a CE-marked smoke ventilator, with a free vent area of 1m2. Sliding Skylight Smoke Ventilator Models: SKY-FLATGLASS-1MF and SKY-FLATGLASS-SSF (special sizes)


Features / Benefits

The unique sliding cover design does not require wind deflectors for smoke ventilation and features a rigid PVC frame with external metal profiles.

Ideal for use in exposed areas where a hinged opening is impractical.

Overlapping design ensures complete weathertightness.

The polyester upstand is fully-insulated for energy efficiency.

Low voltage actuator opens and closes the cover in a smooth and controlled motion.


SKY-FLATGLASS-1MF 1000 x 1500 mm / overall dimensions: 1300 x 1800 mm / free aerodynamic area: 1m² / weight: 190kg

SKY-FLATGLASS-SSF *SPECIAL* (Fabricated to special size requirements)

Performance Standards SKY-FLATGLASS-1MF

U-VALUE 1.26 W/m²K
IMPACT RESISTANCE Tested to BS EN 1873:2014 Class SB1200.
Test impact energy 1200 J.
OPERATION 24V DC battery-backed control system
AIR LEAKAGE PASS according to EN1873:2014
less than 1.5m3/m2h or 0.5m3/hm at pressure to 150Pa
GLASS FIRE REACTION A1 according to EN 13501-1

Guide Specification SKY-FLATGLASS-1MF

GLASSFlat glass top, double layer security glass, toughened outside with aluminium spacer (space filled with argon 90%), laminated LOW-E inside.
COVERAssembled on a fully-welded PVC frame.
COVER GASKETExtruded EPDM rubber gasket ensures a continuous seal when compressed in the front and back of the vent.
CURB250mm height double layer (internal and external) polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. Formed with 150mm flange / 9mm holes for securing to the roof deck.
CURB INSULATION60mm (thick) extruded polyurethane.
FINISHGlass: Clear; PVC Profiles: White; Metal Profiles: White powder coated; Upstand: White

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