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Skylight Smoke Vent Hatch Type SKY-1M Product Image
Smoke Vent
TYPE SKY-1M Sliding Skylight Smoke Vent

The BILCO Skylight Smoke Vent features an innovative sliding cover design to provide combined natural daylight and automatic smoke and heat vent protection. The standard sized SKY-1M 1000x1500mm is a CE-marked smoke ventilator. Custom sizes can be specified.

Skylight Smoke Ventilator Models: SKY-1M and SKY-SS (custom sizes)


Features / Benefits

The unique sliding cover design does not require wind deflectors for smoke ventilation and features a rigid PVC frame with external metal profiles.

Overlapping design ensures complete weathertightness.

The polyester upstand is fully-insulated for energy efficiency.

Low voltage actuator opens and closes the cover in a smooth and controlled motion.


SKY-1M 1000x1500mm / overall dimensions: 1300x1800mm / free aerodynamic area: 1m² / weight: 170kg

SKY-SS *SPECIAL* (Fabricated to special size requirements)


Performance Standards SKY-1M

U-VALUE 1.02 W/m²K
IMPACT RESISTANCE (DOME) Tested to BS EN1873: 2014 Class SB1200
OPERATION 24V DC battery backed control system

Guide Specification SKY-1M

COVERDouble layer thermoformed polycarbonate dome assembled on a fully-welded PVC frame, double layer security glass (classified 2(B)2 according to BS EN 12600: 2004).
COVER GASKETExtruded EPDM rubber gasket ensures a continuous seal when compressed in the front and back of the vent.
CURB250mm height double layer (internal and external) polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass. Formed with 150mm flange / 9mm holes for securing to the roof deck.
CURB INSULATION60mm (thick) extruded polyurethane.
FINISHPolycarbonate: Clear; Glass: Clear; PVC Profiles: White; Metal Profiles: White powder coated; Upstand: White

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