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The BILCO Roof Edge Protection system provides a permanent or temporary guardrail without requiring mechanical attachment to the roof. Our free-standing system overcomes the problems associated with permanent fixings that can result in damage to the roof membrane. This modular system is easy to install and is a fully compliant permanent solution.

Simple, modular, aesthetically pleasing, Roof Edge Protection is fully compliant with the Work at Height Regulations (2005) that requires handrails to be provided to prevent falls.

Roof Edge Protection

Features / Benefits

Simple, modular, aesthetically pleasing Roof Edge Protection.

Free-standing, maintenance-free Galvanised Steel posts require no structural fixing.

Recycled rubber counterweights for reduced abrasion to roof surface or coverings.

Legs rotate at 180 degrees and are telescopic or removable for complete roof access beneath the system.

Swept corners enhance the aesthetics of the system and maintains the architectural roof line.


The height of the guardrail is set at 1100mm.

All vertical supports are set to no more than 2.5m centres with counterweights set to no more than 5m on a straight run.


1. Double weight on free-standing end posts.

2. Every other post - short leg / no weights.

3. Every other post - long leg / single weight.



Galvanised Steel handrail (including free-standing posts)

Galvanised Steel free-standing end post (including rubber counterweight)

Performance Standards Roof Edge Protection

WARRANTY 12 months
roof edge protection guardrail on top of industrial building
picture of Bilco roof edge protection guardrail on a roof top

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Guide Specification Roof Edge Protection

MATERIALRail/Post: Galvanised Steel / Counterweight: Recycled rubber
HEIGHTGuardrail set at 1100mm
VERTICAL SUPPORTSCentres set to no more than 2.5m apart
COUNTERWEIGHTSCentres set to no more than 5m apart (straight run)
ADJUSTMENTTelescopic legs rotate 180 degrees and can be easily removed for maintenance or access beneath the system
INSTALLATIONGrub screw fixing for speed of installation

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